Partner with Us

Partner with Us
Do it Best

Our Success Strategies. Your Success Story.

The comprehensive support we offer our member-owners sets us apart from the competition. Our #1 goal—helping our members grow and achieve their dreams – demonstrates the commitment of everyone on our team. When you partner with us, we fully commit to providing the competitive edge you need to successfully grow your business.

We take the worry out of the conversion process by guiding you every step of the way, addressing any concerns promptly, and working closely with you to minimize any potential disruptions in your operations.

“It’s not an easy undertaking, but from what I did in 2009 with the True Value remodel to what I did at the end of 2015 converting to Do it Best was a black and white, night and day difference. It was just such an easier transition with Do it Best on my side.”

Russ Bell
Handy Andy Home Warehouse
5 Store Chain in GA
Member since 2015

What to Expect During Conversion

You can count on a well-organized, timely, complete transition, professionally managed from start to finish. Our goal is to have you fully functioning as a Do it Best member in less than 60 days.

Custom Action Plan

A customized action plan to provide clear, consistent communication and a timeline detailing every step of the process.

POS Conversion

Smooth, successful conversion of your point-of-sale data.

Conversion Crew Members Support

Efficient service from our experienced and professional on-site conversion crew members.

No Days Closed

We understand the importance of your day-to-day operations and there will be minimal disruption to your business.

Product Assistance

To help you take the best advantage of our 67,000+ warehouse stocked items and full range of drop shipment programs, plus a comprehensive plan that integrates your old and new product lines.

Training and Orientation

For you and your staff to help you make the most of your membership.

Pricing Assistance

To help you maintain or improve your gross margin, keep your pricing uniform, and maximize your profits.