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Do it Best
Financial Stability

Financial Strength

Do it Best is the only Dunn & Bradstreet 5A1 credit rated co-op in our industry. Our exceptional financial strength allows us to deliver our members both an upfront cash flow advantage as well as the industry’s consistently largest year-end rebate. It’s a powerful combination and a prescription for profitability for our member-owners.

Financial Stability

Consistent Sales Growth

Our number one goal is to help our members grow and achieve their dreams. It’s that simple. And we’ve been delivering consistent growth for decades. We are the members-first co-op in the industry with thousands of business owners across the United States and more than 50 countries.

Financial Stability

Highest Member Rebate

We proudly deliver one of the most consistently high shareholder rebates to the member-owners of our co-op.

  • Lowest cost of operations
  • Highest employee productivity
  • No national advertising fees
  • Most efficient distribution systems
  • A members-first corporate culture that values their growth

Our rebates to members have surpassed $1 billion just in the last decade—the most paid in our industry! The portion of our rebate paid in cash regularly represents almost 80% of our total member rebate.

The year-end rebate isn’t the only benefit you receive from joining Do it Best. We offer a 2% cash discount on all warehouse invoices. This is money that will go back to your bottom line every week.