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Merchandising Essentials

Fuel Growth & Drive Profitability

Merchandising Essentials offers you professional merchandising services regardless of your store size or number of locations. You can seamlessly fuel growth and drive profitability while you expand or renovate your product mix. As you perfect your merchandising through proven planograms, you’ll also earn valuable incentives designed to further boost your bottom line. Delighting your current shoppers while capturing a whole new customer base has never been easier.

  • Scalable and customizable options to build the right mix of products for your customers
  • Ideal for building a ground-up location, adding a new store, or expanding a current store
  • Quick and easy ordering and delivery with MAX, our web-based tool that simplifies the selection of product assortments
  • Generous incentives available

“We knew that the Do it Best hardware, retail support, merchandising support, and store conversion support were superior to any other choice.”

Renee Coffman
Renee Coffman
TAL Holdings