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POS and BankCard Solutions

Point of Sale Systems

As a store owner, it should be up to you which Point of Sale (POS) system works best for your store, so we don’t require you to install any specific system. Instead, we make it a point to ensure our systems can communicate computer to computer with a wide variety of POS systems.

If you’re looking to purchase a new system, we’re happy to help you weigh the options by providing:

  • Guidance in determining requirements
  • Checklists for hardware and software requirements
  • Questions to ask POS software vendors
  • Guidance in comparing vendor quotes and system functionality

We have established relationships with the following vendors and are able to communicate with many more:


BankCard Solutions

Today, consumers use credit and debit cards to make most of their purchases. We offer a comprehensive credit card processing program, which includes American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA, as well as our Do it Best Gift Card, with one of the nation’s largest processors—all at very competitive rates. We are able to meet most every integration need for point of sale providers and ecommerce platforms. We also offer a stand-alone terminal option.


Synchrony HOME Credit Card

The Synchrony HOME credit card program lets you offer promotional financing that can help your customers and your business achieve their goals. With the Synchrony HOME credit card, you have the flexibility to choose from an extensive set of financing promotions on a daily basis. This program also includes marketing and periodic offers funded by Synchrony to help drive usage.