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Margin Improvement

Become a Margin Master

As a business owner, you know that margin matters. The best business plan is destined to fail if your margin strategy is not on par. That’s why we provide you with the tools you need to stay up to date with pricing trends and data—and put the power of the margin in your hands.

Margin Improvement

Margin Master® Intelligent Software

Do it Best helps you maximize the potential of your inventory margins through our partnership with Margin Master. This software program helps you analyze, manage, and change retails to suit your pricing strategy and market. You can perform weekly price changes, run “what-if” scenarios to predict the annual impact of proposed retail changes, and more—even without a point of sale system. And it comes with unlimited support and training.

Margin Improvement

Inventory & Pricing Dashboard

The Inventory & Pricing Dashboard takes the guesswork out of planning by providing you with answers to questions you should be asking to help optimize your store’s potential. This comprehensive online program allows you to see the latest trends among stores like yours, helping you place the right products on the shelves, at the prices that will prompt your customers to buy. Best of all, it has automated reporting functionality to fit your busy schedule; it will automatically send reports created from Do it Best member’s point of sale information to your email, saving you valuable time.